Social Inclusion

Bahuddeshy Viklang Jan Foundation

Bahuddeshy Viklang Jan Foundation – Naman Seva Samiti, which is leading a DPO movement under the banner of Bahuddeshy Viklang Jan Foundation had brought organizations from across India together in Madhya Pradesh last year. This dialogue initiated a joint advocacy effort for issues which affects persons with disabilities across nation

Madhya Pradesh Viklang Manch

Naman has promoted Madhya Pradesh Viklang Manch, Blind Cricket Association of Madhya Pradesh and many smaller organisations which have been advocating for disability rights and other social issues.

All community based institutions promoted by Naman are furthering the cause of Inclusive Development and other social issues.

Strengthening of Disabled People's Organisations

Trained over 1000 Disabled Peoples Organisations leaders in 8 districts for 3 years. These DPO leaders organised 1000 DPOs across Madhya Pradesh and more than 12000 members are part of these organisations advocating for rights of persons with disabilities