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From Abject Poverty to Abundance of Opportunities

I am Gajanand Darwai, born in rural household of Madhya Pradesh. I am a living example of how vicious cycle of poverty can keep communities poor and underprivileged. At the age of 2 yrs, I suffered from a fever however, my family could not afford a doctor and that fever left me orthopedically impaired for rest of my life. My family tried everything in their means however, nothing could improve my condition.

My impairment and societal stigma followed me everywhere I went. I was so neglected from the society that I was deliberately excluded from the social gatherings. My only hope was education and even after completing my graduation, there was no one who had empathy to offer me a job. When it was my age for marriage, my fate followed me there as well. I could not find a life partner.

It all changed when I came to be a part of Naman Seva Samiti. With my educational qualification, Naman provided me with an opportunity to learn about Inclusive Self-Help Groups, Organic Farming, Milk Production and Management of a Spice Processing Unit. With these many opportunities, I am able to earn Rs. 1,68,000 per year which looks like a dream as I am same Gajanand who could not find any work till few years back.

Today, I am married, have two children. Also, my social status has improved and am invited to every social gathering. Not only this, people approach me for advice. They respect my knowledge and look up to me for solving their day to day problems.

I was also voted as Director for Farmer Producer Company where I am bringing many more farmers into the fold of  FPC. Also, I am managing working of Kutir Agro Producer Company.

With so much to do, I am looking to have more animals for increasing milk production and at least double my income by setting a small business. Also, with a big responsibility of Farmer Producer Company, I want to increase the profit to Rs. 50 lac in next three years.