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My Abilities Overwhelm My Disability

 I am Moongilal, born in a poor family which needed to migrate to other states to find livelihood every year and come back with some money to survive months when there was no work. This is a story of hundreds of families living around us. Even with everyday struggle for survival, my love for education made me complete 11th standard education. However, my life was to change forever as an accident in my youth left me physically impaired.

With this accident, not only my body was impaired, even my hopes got impaired. As a helpless individual, the world changed forever. All of a sudden, I was burden on my people. Even my family did not know how to cope with my situation. I wont blame them as when they themselves were struggling for survival, they had no choice but to move on with their life. I was neglected in every aspect of personal and social life. I also everyday was sinking in hopelessness that life has no meaning from here on.

Yet, there is always a bright daylight after every dark night. I decided that I will not loose hope and will make it work no matter what. And as it is said, when you hope for something good, the good comes finding you. Naman with its work in Watershed development started to work in our community and I could not let go of this opportunity. Naman helped me obtain a medical certificate and disability loan. With training to me and my other family members, I also got engaged into organic farming. And it did not stop there. I also started rearing chicken and goats, purchasing and lending farm equipment among many other kinds of community development work.

While I was doing all this, community needed a local leader to guide many development activities. Naman was kind enough to help recognise my potential and groom me with technical trainings, exposure visits and resources to prepare for that position. Today, I am part of Jal Grahan Samiti, Member of Compost Committee, and Member of Producer Company. From a meagre Rs. 12000 earlier now I can earn Rs. 60,000 annually.

I am now recognised by my people, and I also am trainer for organic compost and sell compost to other farmers. In addition, I am member of several committees including being the President of Watershed Committee. This respect and recognition in society has boosted my confidence to become a role model for everyone who wants to be independent and empowered

I hope to develop a model of watershed development which is recognised nationwide. It will be an important step in recognising the potential of persons with disabilities