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Stigma Could Not Impair My Quest for Success

I am Dinesh born in a poor family of rural Madhya Pradesh. I have orthopaedic impairment which as per my family came as my mother could not have nutritious food during her pregnancy and when she fell sick, no proper care was done due to community superstitions. As far back as I remember, no one knew my name and I was Lame for everyone. This gave me courage to fight with society and break the belief that persons with disabilities are a burden on a family.

With absolutely no resources in hand, I was still determined to get educated. With my determination, I managed to complete my graduation however, with every new milestone, I was faced with stronger neglect from society. Even with my qualifications, I was turned away from every door I went to looking for job. My biggest barrier in life was not my impairment but the attitude of people towards my disability.

Even with my educational qualifications, I had no source of income and completely dependent upon my family. This killed my confidence which I nurtured inspite of being challenged by society’s attitude and not due to my impairment.

When I had lost every hope in my life, I got to work with Naman. It is here I was recognised for my abilities and not looked down for what I could not do. I was given training on Organic Farming. I am employed as a Master Trainer for Naman Resource Centre as well as contribute in developing modules on Organic Farming based on socio-economic and cultural factors for other farmers.  I am conducting Trainings for beneficiaries of Organic Farming Projects with Naman Seva Samiti and provide fundamental knowledge on organic farming practices and through demonstration in field on different aspects. I train on field preparation, preparation of manure, organic pesticides among others. I am also developing an integrated model of Organic Farming and Dairy testing in own field which is as per the needs and requirements of persons with disabilities.

With my annual income of Rs. 1,20,000, I am given all the respect that I deserve. And this is just the beginning for me as this is a first step towards my prosperity. I am doing everything required to diversify my income stream, support other persons with disabilities to get inspired from my story and be empowered by become financially independent.